SkyBridge CEO predicted Tesla's entry into the cryptocurrency mining market


Apr 30, 2021
SkyBridge Capital founder Anthony Scaramucci believes that in the next year Tesla or Ilon Musk's energy company Solar City will announce the entry into the market of environmentally friendly cryptocurrency mining. The entrepreneur expressed this opinion on Twitter. Scaramucci is ready to wager 500 thousand satoshi (0.005 bitcoins, or $245 at the current exchange rate) on whether his prediction will come true.

Earlier, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the automaker temporarily suspended accepting bitcoin as a means of payment because his company cannot afford to harm the environment. According to Musk, Tesla will not accept the cryptocurrency as payment until it is mined using renewable energy sources.

Against the background of Musk's statement bitcoin rate on the Binance exchange fell by 17%, to an 11-week low of $46 thousand. As of 14:00 MSK, the cryptocurrency is trading at $49.2 thousand, for the past 24 hours it has fallen in price by 12%. Bitcoin's market capitalization fell below $1 trillion to $932 billion.
I believe the title should say "predicts" not "predicted" as I can't find any news on Tesla mining cryptocurrency. Is there a source link to this information?
How hard is that? Just start accepting a Proof Of Stake crypto.. Eth2.0 comes to mind.
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I would not be too surprise if he tries to take over the development of Dogecoin since it has virtually zero development/developers, highly popular with tons of people having some but also a huge social media following. Cars (first in 90 years to startup a US car manufacturer, Tesla), rockets (Beat out Boeing at a cheaper cost who has been working with Nasa for over 50 years, SpaceX) , internet provider, StarLink, well a Crypto to go along with that for those Mars missions maybe in order. Mars mission may need some magic money come to think about it. Since he sold Paypal when he was rather young for 1.5 billion dollars. His offhand involvement in Crypto seems like testing on his part, why start from scratch when you can have a #4 coin for the taking :). Maybe I should do a Meme with a SpaceX rocket with Shiba Inus riding it.
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Except proof of Stack is another centralization issue where you have stake holders, as in 60% of the Stakes are held like with 10 or less folks for example. Can be much worst then mining farms in other words. Have not seen any limitation for Stake holders on size that they can Stake. You can see the top Ethereum wallet amounts (so much for privacy), one usually do not put all coins in a single wallet either so it is hard to determine all the big holders of ETH.