Show that desktop NOW ! :D

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(edited since im a dumbass, thanks ngk <3 )
blackknyte......i'm not sure the mods will like you posting links to software that's not supposed to be distributed....i would edit your post :)
Originally posted by l337*g0at
Well, I'm schizophrenic, and so am I. My desktop is changed every other day practally, but this is what it looks like now.


i heart your setup. whats the theme and skin?
yeah, i love my setup too. hrhr.

winamp skin : simple plan-orange
theme : simple plan : orange

found on www DOT customize DOT org
Originally posted by RiDDLeRThC[IMG]

I <3 my mac :) [/B][/QUOTE] reminds me of this background i saw you might like RiDDLeRThC...

[b]503Kb, 1600x1200[/b]
hey, RiDDLeRThC, you have a link to that wallpaper? It looks wicked nice.

BTW: Nice wall too, jwill. Very cool.. Who makes 'em?
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I suggest you remove the links before a mod stumbles onto it. (nudity in second one)

i suggest you keep to yourself
im sure a mod has seen this, its up to them to remove it not to me, unless im instructed to

i did not link to any nudity files, if someone were to stumble upon nudity and get insulted, well then it's their own damn fault not mine
Originally posted by GlobalFear
I suggest you remove the links before a mod stumbles onto it. (nudity in second one)

Also when I visit that second link a program gets saved to my hard drive and starts running called "javasys.exe". I'm not sure what it does entirely or why it gets put onto my system, but it seems to wipe my all cookies everytime I visit the link. :(
Just created this yesterday...
got a 1600x1200 version too if anyone wants it, just PM me!

Originally posted by Bennyb
Zecora, could u link me to where u got that... thats fuckin awesome.

it was set at 1024/800 or somthing so i made it bigger tell me your email and i will email it you
/me blushes...
actually its not, its 'technically' for litestep however works w/ just the explorer shell as a standalone... easily found on any litestep utility site and (if i'm not mistaken) is called 'rainlendar'
his calendar looks amazingly similar to fact it looks exactly like rainlendar....might want to look into it...
Thanks everyone ... I thought it was a DesktopX object, since I saw the icon loaded in the tray. Thought someone might have created a DX object that looked like rainlendar :)
Originally posted by Sagar1586

May I ask what program/add-on you are using for AIM in that pic? Looks very clean I like the large names and icons. If it is an add in what version are you running it on top of?

-Matt :cool:
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