Show support for Ukraine - Sprint#4 - Team Ukraine takes 2nd in first day

Mar 1, 2019
Sprint#4 - Team Ukraine takes 2nd in first day
Posted on XS also -

Team Ukraine came from 3rd to take 2nd over P3D just missing TSBT moving into day 2.


Team Ukraine is going strong in the FB with an
- Overall Position of 5th
- Marathon Standing of 6th
- 2nd place in the Sprints @ the start of the 4th sprint yesterday - Einstein

04/21/2022 21:00 (UTC) - 04/24/2022 20:59 (UTC)

Thanks for your support

Anyone Can Join Team Ukraine for the sprint

Anyone who feels froggy, could easily join Team Ukraine by dropping your
current and signing up to Ukraine on the Einstein@home site
You can switch teams anytime, then after the sprint you can go back to your MAIN team

Link here -

click the box shown here.

Day one Finals


Overall Standings


Thanks to all that helped and to all those are on other projects

Sprint#4 - Team Ukraine takes 2nd again in second day of sprint

Team Ukraine takes 2nd again in second day of sprint
another last hour squeaking by P3D

Another good showing for Team Ukraine, running 3rd like yesterday and in the last hour just
squeaking by P3D for 2 place for the day! Just a very nice finish.
Oh yea there's TSBT just running away with 1st, hats off to them

All the best to everyone and we'll see what tomorrow brings!

Here's the numbers...

1 hour before end of day 2 @ 4:20est

then @ 5:01

So 2 days gone and 2 - 2nd places, not too shabby

Last Day of FB Sprint #4 ends @ 5pm EST / 21:00 (UTC)

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Show Support for Team Ukraine / Formula Boinc Sprint #7 is in the books


The results are in.

Congratulations TSBT, you worked hard for your win and deserve the respect

Nice to see Team Ukraine still rocking, when this started I was just hoping that TU would stay in the top 5
so this is excellent, I still think that keeping Team Ukraine relevant and rocking is a great show of support.
Go TU and all that are helping.
3rd is AMD users, nice job! followed up by P3d and LaF (both powerhouses!)

Also nice job to everyone involved! LHC is a very tough program to run, so much respect.

I do have more comments (my next post) but this sprint was mostly on track, late 1st day numbers but if that's all that can be said
this could be the start of FB getting back on track.

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