should I buy two rtx 2080 ti's and sli them?

i have lotsa money

I have 2080 Ti, up from Titan Xp... have thought about the same thing - on my i9-7900x (not the case on my 8086k though) the Titan Xp so far (current drivers, game updates etc...) is slightly faster than my 2080 Ti - Titan Xp has full waterblock vs stock 2080 Ti (so its not really fair is all saying) - that being said I use 166Hz monitor sometimes, 200Hz monitor other times, so far neither card keeps my frames at or above 166Hz on games I play at 2560x1440.

If google 2080 Ti SLi reviews you'll find a few, and they seem to be all over the place from good gains to not so much... often I wonder how much it weighs in with those that hate on the SLi option (one focus ends up being its a waste money as gains don't equal the price of the card, which some will say leave the value up to them to decide).

Money being no problem, then why the heck not? Do you have x299 or x399 board to take max benefit?
If you can afford it, the performance in phenomenal.

Running those myself, and getting a good 90 fps on High settings at 1440p triple screen (7680x1440).

Would I recommend it to everyone? Certainly not. But if you're at 4K, or Surround, or 144Hz+, and have money burning a hole in your wallet, then it can be a win.
Do it put it on liquid then post that shit on here so we can drool over your new rig. Hats if your not trolling but I smell troll all over the place sooo;)