Shorting MB LED pins


Limp Gawd
Nov 30, 2018
So, I think a case I bought might have a short across the power LED pins. Two boards in a row fail to power on after having the power LED wires plugged in. Didn't realize the connection on the first board because I never tried powering it on before I had everything connected, but on the second board I think I figured out the connection, being that it happened only after the LED wires were connected. A short on those is the only theory I have. Neither board is powering on now, just a faint blip from the power light on the board when i short the pwr button pins. Seems like something got damaged.

My questions:

- What is likely to happen to a board when the power LED pins are shorted?
- Can it be repaired?
- Might I be missing some other potential cause?

Boards in question are both Supermicro X10SLV