Settings for 13700k / extra question about coil whine


Limp Gawd
Jul 15, 2017
Hi I got this cpu few days ago and I don't plan on oc or now but should I modify some settings in the bios for the sake of efficiency / thermals etc.. ?

I left everything stock for the time being but I was thinking of

load line calibration for instance, power limits, voltage offset..?

Stock I did a cb23, got 30310 points cpu max temps at 91 but average 76 during the test. Is it good?
Stock vcore is a. 1.376, isn't it that high

I lowered the vcore to 1.31, with llc auto ran a cb23. Temps didn't go above 78c, score was... I was surprised It passes because of vdrop to 1.16 I was 30163

I know It is not the proper way to test stability though, I should run prime and occt with this vcore?

Also I have an issue that I think it's coil whine of the vrm, not that bad but I'm very noise sensitivz

The board is an Asus strix z790 gaming - e

I've disabled c state and it helps a little too but now the cpu is almost constant at 5,3, is it OK?

I read that tweaking vrm switching frequency can help

However I have no idea what is the stock value on auto and if I should lower it or rise it

Thanks for your help!
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