Serious Sam: Planet Badass Teaser Trailer Available Now


[H]F Junkie
Apr 25, 2001
I have just the game for you if you've been looking for another fix for your video game splatter fetish. Yes, Serious Sam is back and he's not taking any prisoners once again. This game should have lots of gibbation for you hard core video game freaks. Keep an eye on the steam page for availability and check out the teaser below. Thanks again, cagey.

Watch the video here.
Serious Sam AND Postal 1, 2, 3 have always been the great games.
this past Tuesday - few of my friends and I game then - we installed Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and had a blast!!!! I ran highest graphics, 1440 res and was pegging 60fps on the gtx 750 ti...

ill be so getting this


Keeps riding.

I'm hoping they incorporated several vehicles into SS4. Mow down the heathens in style!
Good times playing Serious Sam on the LAN. Co-op with FF on, we called it Friendly Fire Fridays. I got a slight chill when he rode over that hill.
About fucking time. Hopefully they show a decent amount at E3 2018. Now just give me a release date, one that is hopefully very close by. My wallet is on standby.
I still play The Second Encounter when I feel like blasting tons of dumb mobs. I'll have to add this to the wish list.
I just vaguely remember playing SS and ended up using an unlimited ammo mod to cope with the sheer numbers of shit being thrown at me
I'm so ready. I'm moving back near my LAN party friends and this better have LAN play.

I think I'm going to lose many hours of sleep
16 player co-op goodness I just hope they have virtual reality as well they really came through with their previous virtual reality Games
Cool deal. Been needing an update for this series.

Music in the teaser playing off the Steppenwolf 'Born to be Wild' vibe.

I enjoyed Sam back in the y2k era. Might be fun to revist, if they don't screw it up.
Always been a fan of Serious Sam since the original. And like most of you here I have very fond memories of playing the hell out of this friends over LAN.
Man that's kinda cool. The spoof of born to be wild though was more of a distraction and spending the money to license the version even if it was the version cover by RATT or some studio band would have been better than what they had. Poor marketing choice. Though the game looks fun.