Sennheiser Ambeo?


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Nov 14, 2004
How much better than a "typical" high end soundbar is this thing, really?

I have a WAF of Zero for anything not soundbar-like, even the wireless sub tucked in the corner from my current Sony setup grates on her nerves.

While I am ok with the Sony, it kind of makes my soul die a little bit every time I want to watch a space movie

I listen to sennheiser 598's or shure 425's when i'm on the road, so I have some decent expectations for my music and film audio, but would only entertain paying double the typical "high end soundbar" cost if it is truly special. I hear that you can add a sub if needed, but that may be a bridge too far, so any input on how the lower freqs are out of the bar itself would be particularly helpful.
Starting to see these drop below 1k on the second hand market. Anyone with listening experience on them? Looking at the Ambeo Max.
The Ambeo Max is absolutely massive. it must weigh close to 40lbs (50lbs)? and it still doesn’t have the low bass of a true subwoofer but it does have good bass for a one box. You can add a sub. But it is way more of an eyesore (IMO) and you need to be able to lift your tv if it’s not wall mounted.
I went with the Nakamichi shockwafe 9.2 with dual wireless subs which I put under and behind things so they are invisible and has incredible bass as well as a much nicer appearance (IMO).
An ambeo max plus a real sub may sound better though (it would be a matter of preference).
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