Selection edges to work paths to paths?


Jan 24, 2006
Alright, after about 12 hours of fiddling with photoshop, I finally figured out how to take a line-art drawing or anything of the sort and make vectorized paths with it. Pretty much all you do is create a new layer, select the part you want with the magic wand, right click and tell it to make a work path and then viola. Problem is, when you select this line art, whether it's with the selection edges or via the work paths, instead of just having worth paths that follows the lines, it makes an outline of these lines. While this may make a more precise representation of the lines by outlining the lines, therefore picking up on little edges here and there, this is not useful to me. Instead, I need a way to "vectorize" in photoshop these lines so that they're paths themselves, not just an out line of a path, therefore making a path.

How do I convert lines DIRECTLY into paths instead of making paths on the outside (selection edges) into paths which makes a path between the two lines once you "fill" it? I mean yes I can use the line tool to draw the lines manually but this would be time consuming and not useful to me for a number of reasons.
Wow - sounds like a pain - that's a lot farther than I've ever gone in figuring out the vector-ish functions of PS. I'd highly recommend you do this stuff inside an actual vector program like Illustrator or Flash instead of putting yourself through this headache.