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Seasonic X-750 750W PSU 10 Year Redux

One of our readers' favorite PSU topics has been when we look back at a previously reviewed PSU that has been in service for a long while, and whether or not that PSU will still meet ATX spec and handle its previously rated wattage load. Today we have a Seasonic PSU that has been in service for a decade.
This is bittersweet, as always excellent, thorough, unbiased and well written. I will miss these reviews and this site. I'm not particularly surprised by the results, Seasonic has always made some terrific power supplies. I was disappointed by their price hikes that overwhelmingly targeted the value segment. I frequently look to Seasonic when I need to build a box on the cheap for friends and family, guess I will need to look elsewhere. For my own machines, I will still consider them. You get what you pay for...
It's been great reading the PSU reviews throughout the years. I really loved the ones that caught fire. May many a Seasonic be in your future and may no Diablotek's stand in your way. Farewell from the front page Paul.
Man, this makes me want to put my PC Power & Cooling silencer 750 to the test :D
I do wonder how it would fare today vs a newer designed PSU.
Great review as always.
Fun read, great to see a well built power supply/company after 10 years still doing well. Did that power supply have a 10 year warranty? Looks like it was built to last at least that long. Paul I bought most of my power supplies from your reviews (PC Power and Cooling 950w, 600w SFX Corsair, Seasonic 450w SFX, Seasonic Focus Gold 850 and 750). I think I am forgetting a couple but they all worked out great except for one below which actually still works at lower powers.

My Seasonic Focus Gold 850 is not faring as well - 10 months of 24/7 mining with two 1080Ti's ~550w continuous overall at the max rates - it will no longer support gaming SLI with those 1080 Ti's it will shutdown and reboot the system. Reducing the 1080 Ti power percentage to 90% for both in SLI it will play just fine. Individual 1080Ti, each one separate and OC no problem - not a video card issue in other words.

The Seaonsic Focus Gold 750 is fairing better with about 12 months of mining 24/7 with around 375w continuous. No issue with that power supply.

The PC Power and Cooling 950w which you only gave a passing grade, is over 5 years old, Lived through a Bulldozer FX 8120 OC, PileDriver FX 8350 OC, then a FX 9590FX OC cpu, a 1700x cpu and now a 2700. 290x /290 CFX, 1070 SLI, Vega FE CFX, tortured to no end, pushed to the max with two Vega's, 12 months of almost continuous mining when not doing other stuff. It has never hiccup.

Paul before buying power supplies from your recommendations, most of mine actually failed, had 3 Antec Power Supplies that literally smoke, some cheap ones that just did not turn on for what ever reason. Probably will never buy an Antec power supply again, back then people raved about them. Now where do I go to find good info about power supplies?

Good luck Paul, hope to see your reviews continue on some other site.
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My X750 got "grumpy" when I got a RX580 (replacing a HD7950) and wouldn't boot with the RX580. Seasonic did RMA it however send a later revision that uses different cables resulting in additional delay..

in the end it worked worked out.. I guess .. but it was a good thing I had a spare Corsair 650W psu laying around because it took a couple weeks to end up with a usable RMA unit due to receiving a different revision from RMA and a cable issue with the cables Seasonic sent to resolve the issue initially..

So far several months on now the RMA X750 is fine still.. I will likely replace it when I finally upgrade my i7-4770k possibly later this year or perhaps next?
link text for CM PSU is missing a zero, 2nd Paragraph page 1:
article said:
We also reevaluated the CoolerMaster Real Power Pro 100W in March of 2018 after that unit had been in service for 10 years.

Uh, that is to say - I just skip to the end of these reviews, haha. Never actually read them. Nope. I just. Check the conclusions. I'm not crying, you're crying!
Wow, I'm still running an X-750 still in my main setup. The main components have changed a few times but it's the same power supply from 2010 and still feels solid.

On a side note, now that OklahomaWolf from jonnyguru is retiring... maybe there's room in the market for a new PSU site? Is taken?
Very cool, makes me curious about the 1kwatt PSU I've been using for almost 10 years! I've used the reviews here for quite a few PSU's in different builds (heck, even in work computers) but it's nice to know that there are still companies really building good stuff that will just continue to work for a decade (what other tech do we normally keep for that long without any noticeable differences in performance?)

And fitting article for sure - may [H] continue to thrive like a good PSU :)
Simply fascinating. What a great idea for a "review"! Seems these units are the real deal, as [H] as they come.

Wonder how my Corsair AX850 (1st gen) would stack up after 8 years..
Still running this in my main rig (see sig). Purchased from hardocp's recommendation. I will really miss the power supply reviews. I always recommend seasonic in builds now (though most clients opt for something cheaper or more "gaming" related). My next build will probably have a seasonic platinum PSU if I don't decide to just continue using my x-750.
Thank you for this. Interesting to know, as I have many Seasonics running that are getting quite old. Haven't actually had one fail yet lol
Thank you Paul for your good PSU reviews over these years. You really upped the game over what could be found elsewhere. I'll miss that for sure!!

Btw, I bought the XFX Black Edition 850W after your review nearly 10 years ago (and gold award) and it's still working perfectly!
This is an awesome article and a great validation for the honesty, thoughtfulness, quality, and exemplary work done here by Kyle, Paul, and team at HardOCP. It's a bittersweet farewell as HardOCP has been a basis for much of my tech related purchases over the last 12 years. As such, I only buy Seasonic power supplies for my builds starting with the X750, and now I'm 6 platinum power supplies later.
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I had a feeling Seasonic would be one of the last reviews as they, like the [H], are one of the few places that don't deal in BS. Unabashed Seasonic fanboy. Thanks for the review Paul_Johnson I've appreciated all your reviews.
I just retired my 9 year old X-750 this January with a Seasonic 750w Prime. Never had an issue when ran my OC i7 Sandy Bridge or my OC i7 Skylake either with the various video cards (from Radeon 5950 to GeForce 1080ti) through the years. Never thought it would have lasted that long that is for sure.
Last year I bought a Seasonic power supply because of your reviews. I knew if it could survive the Paul_Johnson torture chamber then it was a good buy. It has been nothing but perfection and I couldn't be happier!

Thanks for all of the reviews over the years!

Every computer related purchase that I've made in the past 20+ years has referenced a review or trusted member of the community here. :)
This is to Paul Johnson... I've always loved reading your reviews, and would be interested to know what you will be doing, now that things here have come to an unfortunate (for us, hopefully not you!) end?
That's one quality piece of [H]ardware. Wicked awesome to revisit a unit that has been in service all this time and can still trounce a good number of brand new units on the modern market. When that unit finally goes(after many more years hopefully), either mount it on the wall or give it a proper send off with a .50 Desert Eagle.

Fist bump to Paul as well as the other reviewers at [H] for time and effort educating a doofus like me on where to spend hard earned coin. -JJ
Thanks for all your hard work over the years.
I think the PSU reviews on [H] were some of my favorite content.
And this was a very cool article to close out on!
Well, while I don't think you reviewed the X-1250, I could be wrong. But from how well the x series did on your reviews, I bought the X-1250 years ago and it is still going strong today.

edit: oops, looks like you did a review on Tuesday , November 13, 2012
Thanks Paul
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Thank you Paul for all the years of quality reviews! Best of luck to you in the future, and be sure to keep us posted on where you land next. If it's gonna be reviewing shit, I'm in.
Just love seeing you guys get recognition for your efforts. From PcPer:

"Read it and weep, the ultimate review from [H]ard|OCP
Subject: Cases and Cooling | April 5, 2019 - 05:08 PM | Jeremy Hellstrom
Tagged: seasonic, X-750, 750w, modular psu, decade

[H]ard|OCP was around far more than 10 years before posting their last review, which interestingly enough examines a 10 year old PSU. This particular Seasonic X-750 model has been powering a system for a full decade now and they strapped it back onto the test bench to see what, if any changes have occurred to its ability to deliver power. Like Josh and I, it has aged relatively well and is almost as capable as it was back in ought-nine, with just a bit more droop than those days of yore. Lee's review is a mere six years old, but you will be able to find it here for quite a while.

Check out [H]'s review soon, it is possible that before long the only place to find it will be the Internet Archives."

Obviously though, they were not aware that [H] would continue to live on via the forum's as seen in the last line.