Sas controller with backplane


Apr 1, 2018
I am new to using this type of equipment for data storage.

I am using a unraid custom build that I put together. I am running three controller cards (all just running jbod) with 15 sata drives's in a lilan case. It's running ok, but I need more storage.

I was given two servers that I could use. Each with a 3.2 gig XEON 8 core with a 8 gig stick and a sas (multiplier) controller connected to a 8 micro sas backplane with small sas hard drives. I was thinking about combining the systems and make it 2 xeons with 16 gig in one box with dual psu.

Which brings me to my question. I'm going to get a rosewill case ( or something similar and put everything in it.

Will I need to have a different type of card for the sata backplane or can I get a sas cable that uses sata?

I'll post the exact names of equipment when I get home. I just wanted to ask this while I'm bored at my wife's familys get together.

Thanks in advance for any help.