Sandblasting Acrylic for cool etching


Jun 3, 2004
Any ideas of how thick of acrylic i should use? i have my sexy sandblaster to play with, and i figured, "hey i can etch kewl images with my sandblaster." the only problem will be finding something to "mask" the acrylic that i am not sandblasting, i was thinking of cutting a pattern out of a piece of 1/24th inch aluminum and set it over the acrylic. what do you guys think i should do, in going about making a pattern and how thick of acrylic i should use?
ill post pics of the finished product if it turns out good :D i was thinking of making an etching of Gir, from Invader Zim (a cartoon charactor that owns)
any i used all thick of it and work fine and i got this biga$$ blaster

zim mad me sick like really made me sick that show was all f up

but if you like the show a lot i have a back ground some were. here we go
I did the same thing on 6mm acrylic but it worked just as well on a CD cover too.

Just make sure you cover the area's you dont want etching with plenty of masking tape or something, and wash the lot down in warm soapy water afterwards or you'll end up with dull area's.

Another little tip, make sure the grit (or glass beads or sand or whatever) is nice and clean. I did a test piece after someone had been blasting a rusty piece of metal and the acrylic went a nasty orange colour.