Samsung UN40KU7000 missing features?


Dec 4, 2007
I just purchased the Samsung UN40KU7000 and aside from being let down that HDR is *only* available on HDMI 1 unless you pay for a Samsung SUHD TV. I've also noticed things I like PIP and MultiLink are gone. I did have this on much older version of Samsung TV's I've owned. Now, these features are listed in my book that came with the TV but state they are region specific. Not sure why something like PIP is region specific but I'm assuming these features are enabled or disabled depending on the firmware/software version the TV is using?

Does anyone know if their are different software/firmware version available to USB manually install that would provide these features without impacting the main selling points of the TV? That's assuming I'm right about it being software based, that may not be what provides these options I guess.