Jul 5, 2017
Hi. I'm planning to buy UE40KU6100 TV (which is a curved version of UE40KU6000 which is european name for UN40KU6300) to work and movies. I used it for a short time and I know it's great but I'm little concerned about flickering. On Rtings they say that this TV doesn't flicker at 50-100% brightness but I can clearly see that there are v-shaped drops of luminance level on the graph every 8-9 ms. I want to use it at 80-100% brightness.
Please tell me, can this be a problem in exteded use or I rather don't have anything to worry about?

It's not a problem at all. I keep the TV on brightness 11 (out of 20), which is about 180 cd/m^2. Even at settings down to about 7, the duty cycle is high enough that it's not that bothersome, but I'm a CRT user. Any lower than that and you may notice visible flickering.

At 100% brightess, I find the TV way too bright for general use.
I have one on my desk at home, I also keep it at 11 brightness to avoid potential flicker.

I'm sensitive to flicker below about 90hz. I haven't had an issue, according to rtings it has a 120hz PWM frequency.

I also added bias lights to help ease any eye strain from it being bigger and brighter than my other displays.
I had one. If you keep the backlight level above 10 then it should be flicker free. It ends up being around 160ish nits though, maybe higher so it was too bright for me personally since I use 100-120 nits.
Thank you very much for your answers.

So should this TV be considered flicker free at 11-20 brightness? Strange that Samsung does not state it in specification.

I prefer high brightness because I use PC in bright rooms and I think colours and overall performance is nicer at high brightness.