Samsung Neo G9 + RDR2 = Giant Black Bars?!?


Limp Gawd
Feb 23, 2014
I started playing RDR2 again after a while and on my X99 rig with the Samsung Neo G9 monitor (5120x1440), I noticed that there are thick black bars on the left and right sides even though my resolution is set correctly to 5120x1440 and is on "Fullscreen" mode.

I remember playing this game many months ago where this issue was not there so I'm not sure what's changed (other than my GPU - now the system has a 4090 FE). Still on Win 10 Pro and all other settings remain the same.

I've tried "Borderless Window" etc. to no avail. I can't get the game to be in actual 'fullscreen' mode with Ultrawide support! Interestingly, the menus are all fullscreen in the correct aspect ratio (32:9) so what gives? It must be some setting somewhere that's causing this.

Really need your help with this as it defeats the purpose of having the Ultrawide monitor to play games on!

I tried both Adaptive Sync ON & OFF to no avail.