Samsung mass producing 90hz OLED 14" panels


May 3, 2005

I for one am pretty stoked to read that there will be quite a few new laptops with > 60hz OLED for sale this year. I wish it was 120 but from my VR headset I know that 90hz OLEDs are great at motion. The ultra thin bezels look great too. My only question is what models/release date and whether they will come with gsync / freesync.
Combined with exciting new CPU and GPU options, I'm going to be tempted to bite on a new laptop. Last year we saw quite a few 4k OLED 15" 60hz laptops but I'm done with 60hz panels since I cant enjoy gaming on my older Dell 4k laptop (before it died) despite having a discrete nvidia gpu.
Also since I'm sure people will bring this up, I'm writing this on my 4year old Samsung 12" laptop with an OLED panel. It has been running Windows 10 with the taskbar visible and zero tweaks and I have thousands of hours of use on it with nary a hint of IR never mind "burn in". OLED is not for everyone, so if you have a use case that precludes OLEDs or are skeptical by all means ignore this.
It's so weird that laptop displays are starting to be better than their desktop counterparts when you would think desktop displays would be easier to make...I guess just too many people and businesses buy laptops over desktops.
That... and nobody who uses a desktop is interested in a 14" screen.
Really? I have a home desktop and work desktop and 2 laptops (work and personal). I personally am very interested in replacing my home laptop. I also help a lot of family and friends with their pc purchasing so I keep an eye on laptops even outside my personal upgrade cycle.
The 14” laptop option is intriguing- I have a 13” for work and it is not bad but so much lighter and more useful for portability as is just pick it up and noodle around on the couch while watching TV compared to the 15”.
From the CES previews this year the 13” and 14” laptops are now getting 3070s and quad core and octa (hex ?) core processors not just the low power cpus. I think we could see something good in this form factor.
This is probably for some thin/light/air type of laptops. OLEDs are thin and light and would make some sense for 14inch size there.
I already have an OLED Tab S7+ :)


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Interesting are you using it as a monitor how does that work? If so can it take hdr signals?
WiDi 1080p only I'm afraid. New feature with Android 11 update, may come to Tab S6 at some point. A bit peeved it can't do 1920x1200 to take advantage of the 16:10 aspect ratio but still quite useful in a pinch;