Samsung Foundry Business Growing Slower Than Market Average


[H]F Junkie
Apr 25, 2001
Samsung's foundry business isn't growing as fast as they would like and according to TrendForce it's well below the market average of 7.1% growth. Lack of growth could be because their memory based process isn't ideal for foundry business. Regardless, if Samsung wants to catch up with the likes of TSMC and GloFo they are going to have to convince more customers to give them a shot. Thanks, cageymaru.

In particular, competitors such as TSMC and Global Foundry are using their strong price competitiveness as a weapon against Samsung Electronics. "A latecomer, Samsung Electronics, is technically superior to TSMC and Global Foundry but if Samsung produces products with the same specification, the company will lose its price competitiveness. Samsung lacks know-how to save money efficiently by developing a process according to customers’ orders," said an official of the semiconductor industry.