Samsung Begins 7nm EUV Production


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Mar 3, 2018
Samsung announced their 7nm EUV process some time ago, and it looks like production came right on schedule. In a press release, Samsung announced that it finished development of its 7nm LPP EUV process, and is starting wafer production. The new process uses extreme ultraviolet radiation with a wavelength of 13.5 nm, as opposed to the 193nm wavelength used in previous processes. According to Samsung, chips produced on the new process will have a 40% area efficiency advantage over previous 10nm FinFET chips, as well as 20% higher performance or 50% lower power consumption. Like TSMC, Samsung is also offering advanced packaging services with the process, including support for HBM2/2e memory interfaces and 112G SerDes interfaces. Initial production takes place at Samsung’s S3 Fab in Hwaseong, Korea, but the company hopes to get more factories up and running in 2020.

"With the introduction of its EUV process node, Samsung has led a quiet revolution in the semiconductor industry," said Charlie Bae, executive vice president of foundry sales and marketing team at Samsung Electronics. "This fundamental shift in how wafers are manufactured gives our customers the opportunity to significantly improve their products' time to market with superior throughput, reduced layers, and better yields. We’re confident that 7LPP will be an optimal choice not only for mobile and HPC, but also for a wide range of cutting-edge applications."
Isn't the problem with Intel is that they cant get EUV to work so they must use the 193nm and quadruple patterning?
WAT? A new board/chipset that actually adds features?? And you can use new or old CPU's on it? Why didnt anyone tell intel this is possible??