Samsung Applies for Patent to Read Your Palm


[H]F Junkie
Apr 25, 2001
Samsung recently applied for a patent that uses a camera to look at the lines in your palm and then provides clues to you for your password to one of your apps/phone. It looks pretty cool, but unless they put some kind of depth sensing or something that can detect a photo I'm not sure it's really feasible. However, in the event you somehow forgot your password at least it gives you a way to somehow remember it to gain access to your app/phone again.

There's no certainty that you'll ever see this in the Galaxy S9 or any future Samsung phone. It's just a patent filing, and that won't necessarily translate to a finished product. It's a simple-enough concept, though, and it could be extremely helpful if you're struggling to get into an online store or are worried that you've locked yourself out of your phone.
...and the software you have to use will look like some Jellybean-era reject that slows your phone down by 10% and can't be disabled.

For all of the neat things Samsung includes in their devices, they're torture to actually use.
No different than a hand print scanner they've had for years to gain access or clock in. With those however, they also take length and width into account. I think it's considered to be more secure than a fingerprint.
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Include IR in the profile, hard to print that out. Most CCDs can capture wavelengths far beyond human vision and just don't due to software and the blood vessels in your hand are far, far more unique than a fingerprint.