S.MA.R.T. Spinup Raw Data?


Jun 12, 2019
Just installed a new NAS. It's a Terramaster F2-221 with 2 bays. Before installing the pair of Western Digital Red 4tb drives, I ran WD's Data Lifeguard utility. Both drives checked out perfectly.

The NAS has a control panel which allows viewing of the SMART Data. One of the drives reports Spinup raw of 6675, the other reports 0. All the other parameters for both drives are within range and similar to each other. All parameters including Spinup report as OK.

Is there a problem with this drive?
I say probably not. It may just be anecdotal evidence (since I only have a few hundred drives and not thousands) however I have not seen spin up to be a major factor in at least a decade. Although my experience is mainly limited to drives that don't spin down frequently (less than 1 spin down per day).