Ryzen for virtualization


Mar 9, 2017
Thinking about upgrading my ancient Xeon X5670 system for a Ryzen based ESXi server. Some questions come to mind:

1) How's passthrough support? I saw some early notes that said IOMMU groupings were a mess and passthrough wasn't working.

2) Chipset - X370 vs B350

3) Compatibility - anyone checked VMWare's HCL for Ryzen based systems or motherboards?

Finally, has anyone successfully set up an ESXi server with Ryzen and what specific hardware were they using? I don't really want to end up with a bunch of incompatible hardware.
esxi 6.5 should be working fine with ryzen now.. the IOMMU stuff is a bit of a mess with ryzen but there's a thread in the AMD processor sub forum with some good information on how to get it all working.