Ryzen 9 5900\RTX 3080 video stutter with Hardware Acceleration with 4k


Feb 1, 2023
Hello. I just got a new computer about a week ago. Like the title says, it has a Ryzen 9 5900, RTX3080, and 32GB memory. I am loosing my mind with this issue. All videos will occasionally stutter with hardware acceleration enabled. This happens on firefox and edge. I even tested it in VLC with hardware acceleration on, with a 4k video. It did have small stutters also. Just not as bad as the browsers. Everything is up to date. Windows updates, bios, and of course the nvidia graphics drivers with the latest game ready drivers. I even performed a clean install of the graphics drivers and restarted. That did not help. I cant think of anything. Any help or comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.