Ryom's Gaming HTPC


Oct 11, 2006










Parts List:
Sharp 52" 700UN Display
Altec Lansing THX MX5021 Speakers
Logitech G35 Headset
Looks like a big TV hooked up to a computer at a computer desk. Nice, but I don't see how it's a HTPC.
We have different ideas about what qualifies as HTPC I guess. :p
where is the TV and the theater?

Home Theater Personal Computer

I get the PC but I do not see the HT part

looks like a nice desk thought
The TV is on the desk. The PC runs BeyondTV with an ATI Theatre 650 to capture Cable as well as over-the-air HDTV. It's my primary and only means to watch TV and movies/blu-ray. Give me a large screen, a comfortable chair, good speakers, and a system that largely plays movies and TV that's an HTPC to me. I recently moved it off of an A/V stand and from using it from a futon onto this desk.
nice desk, bet it was expensive

yeah, no way I am springing for that desk and having a futon in my living room...but I digress. Nice setup. I too used to do a lot of my movie watching from my desk. still, most people would consider it a multimedia computer. labels smabels, its a nice setup.
Well, I thought I had labeled it not strictly an HTPC by having the topic as "gaming HTPC" but it's clear people have very specific opinions about this :)

Thanks for the good words!
Sanus Systems Adjustable Satellite Speaker Hover Foundation Stands

They cost me about $55, which is very reasonable. They come with the straight bar attached by default, you have to insert the bent arm if you want them to lean... which honestly was a bit of a pain. But the stands are solidly built and high quality.