RX 580 Bundle

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Sep 24, 2011
Looking to sell the following as a bundle for $2020 shipped OBO:

1x Asus Dual Fan 8GB RX580
2x Asus Dual Fan 4GB RX580
3x MSI Armor 8GB RX580
Factory sealed TB250-BTC

These are all under two weeks old and have less than a few hours of mining time on them. Really.

The cards have all been flashed with a custom bios so it should save you tons of time individually searching, flashing, and testing. All cards should get about 27MH~28.5MH depending on your settings. Undervolted it should consume around 70w~80w each, with the entire rig consuming close to 750w. I would use a 850W psu for good measure, and 1200W if you plan on dual mining.

I accept PayPal.
2.9% Discount if you pay via Crypto (BTC/ETH)
I ship one business day after payment.
Shipping method: USPS priority + Signature

Heat: Agenesis 53-0-0 100%
OCN: Agenesis 41-0-0 100%
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Free bump. Dual mining here. Does not use that much power I would say about 10% more. My gtx 1070s have to be set at 75% power to get dual mining working. But just eth they require only 70% so about 5% difference. Shouldn't change much with your cards either. My cards use around 90-100w I would say. Because with risers they are actually getting less power then specified. Running these on a 1000w power supply. Should be no different for your cards. Hope this helps those looking to mine with these.
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