RTX 2080TI - Witcher 3 - Artifacting?


Feb 27, 2007
I built a new rig a couple of months ago which uses a "Gigabyte AORUS GeForce RTX™ 2080 Ti XTREME WATERFORCE 11G" video card. This comes with an integrated closed loop water cooler and a stock overclock from 1545Mhz to 1770Mhz. I haven't pushed it beyond that.

Gaming with this thing has been an absolute dream! Unfortunately I just noticed some anomalies while playing The Witcher 3:


In this scene the boat is moving quickly over the water. When rotating the camera around the boat I'm seeing edges of the hull, mast, and sail being rendered twice. These anomalies appear to "grow" in and out of the picture for ~500ms at a time rather than popping in and out. It looks like it might just be a malfunctioning shader.

Unfortunately, after turning off all of the post-processing options and setting all of the graphics settings to minimum I'm still seeing this. Closing the game, letting my card cool off, and trying again doesn't seem to help either. I've heard the stories about lots of 2080 cards failing so this has me pretty nervous.

I'm wondering if anybody else has seen this sort of behavior in The Witcher 3 or any other games? I'm really hoping this isn't just me! I've attached my save file in case anyone with the game is feeling kind enough to see if this reproduces on their systems.

On a related note: Does anybody know of a good tool for testing GPU artifacts? I'm looking for something which checks the frame buffer output against expected pixel values, rather than just performing a benchmark. A quick Google search is pointing me towards "MSI Kombustor" but I haven't used any programs like that since the ATI days so I have no idea which ones are good.

Thanks for your time!


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Nice program, thanks for the tip! I take it I'm looking for "OpenGL Errors" (F3)? Nothing turned up after a brief run. I'll leave it running overnight and see what happens then.
My evga 2080ti has no artifacts in anything.

When I water blocked it I confirmed it had Samsung ram.

Not sure if this even remotely helps.
Nice program, thanks for the tip! I take it I'm looking for "OpenGL Errors" (F3)? Nothing turned up after a brief run. I'll leave it running overnight and see what happens then.

I'd say if nothing turns up after an overnight of furmark or even a 15 minute run, then you should be good. Also, did you buy this card on launch? I remember seeing a video from Tech Yes City on youtube about Gigabyte using a bad batch of memory in the 2080xx cards.
I'd check other games and see if you see anything off. Could easily be a one-off due to drivers or something. If they turn up elsewhere I'd get ready to start the RMA process.
I agree with Furious, try other drivers. This to me doesn't look like any type of artifacting I've ever seen, usually when a GPU artifacts you get random squares or bright colored dots all over the screen, this looks its confined to just a couple of textures.

Try to download the HD textures at Witcher Nexus and see if it goes away.
Thanks guys, I'm pleased to say that I haven't seen any other issues in any other programs yet! I'm confident that this is just a driver/game glitch.
Generally speaking, if the card has a problem where its artifacting, it will do so in all 3D games and applications.