RGB sync vs MB RGB connector?


Sep 20, 2011
I am looking to build a new PC.

Right now debating between going ITX vs mITX.
Current PC is Dell 8900 so I like the reasonable size.
I am looking at Ryzen 7 1800x and B350 motherboards.

I see many new MBs have RGB connector.
My question is does having a RGB connector mean it's RGB sync compatible?
Or does RGB sync is something that need to be mentioned in the specs?

I have inWin 301C in mind, it has RGB sync connector, may add a RGB strip or fans but i want them to be controlled with single app and have save effect.

Thanks :)
Each company have their own RGB software.

Asus is Aura Sync
Gigabyte is RGB Fusion
MSI is Mystic Light

all websites have a compatibility list.

I bought a cheap LED strip from wal-mart and it works, but the colors aren't what is I choose. So it isn't just plug & play for everything.