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Aug 31, 2000
I was typing away and the system locked up, shut itself off and restarted, windows, what can one do ?

I have seen an icon that implies that what I am typing is being saved as a draft, just what I need at the moment.

but I see no way to access the draft that was saved,the page came up blank and fresh when I reopened firefox.

no icon for "open the last post I have as a saved draft"
my thought is you save the post, so when I leave the page and come back it is still there, as I left it.
and that process works fine without me needing to do anything, excellent.
except in this case I do want to interact with it.

I didn't type anything on that page, so as to overwrite the file.
hopefully typing THIS didn't erase that draft.
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that,(whatever it was) worked, my missing draft post is back .
thank you to whoever was responsible.
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