Replacing the back glass on an iPhone 8+ costs $99. WITH AppleCare+.


Sep 19, 2004
Can’t say I’ve ever had a problem with the glass on any iPhone I’ve ever owned. Including the iPhone 4 that was glass front and back.


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Apr 15, 2001
Assuming you plunk down an extra $150 for AppleCare+ to start with, replacing the display will cost an extra $29, and the back glass will be $99.

That's chump change compared to what Samsung charges for a single glass replacement and keep in mind Applecare + still covers two accidental drops. Here is a quote from a S8 user that just got quoted for a single glass replacement
I don't have a screen protector as all the ones I have read about don't fit the curved screen well. I was considering the white dome but I heard it has fingerprint problems.

So now..I am left with a stupid chip at the bottom right of my phone. I have had this phone for 3.5 weeks. Samsung quoted me 320$ to get it fixed.

and here is another

The glass on the s8 sucks big time. Drop tests are B.S. I went into a phone repair shop (which quoted me 480$ BEFORE tax ) and he said the s8s are his most frequent customers for screen repairs

Enjoy the read

Also keep in mind , you can walk into any Apple store and get your phone back in like 1-3 hours depending how busy it is. On a side note, Samsung Premium Care is $288 regardless which current gen Samsung phone you have.
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Mar 22, 2003
Thanks for that, Sixthsense. You can object to the cost of replacing glass backs in general, but you really need context to understand whether or not Apple is being reasonable in relation to other companies with glass-backed phones. Compared to Samsung, it sounds like Apple is being frugal.

I don't think the OP necessarily intended it this way, but it's a classic example of Only Apple Does Bad Things syndrome: that tendency to act as if Apple is the only tech company in history to do things that people disagree with, holding it up to a standard they don't apply to the products they prefer to use. Like my favourite, the people who object to buying Apple products because they're made in Chinese factories that have had working condition issues (things have improved), but rush to use a Dell PC made in similar conditions, a Samsung phone made in similar conditions, an Xbox made in similar conditions...

Basically: if you're concerned about any glass-backed phone, get a case and take care of it.


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Mar 25, 2003
My old S7 edge (in a case) fell about 1 foot from my scrub pants to the vinyl floor while I was taking care of some business.... I picked it up and found a big huge crack across the back glass. I had the Samsung equivalent of AppleCare, so I sent it in for repair, but since they didn't have any replacement stock they cut me a check for $780. Score. Since I got the phone BOGO, it worked out well. Ever since that experience though, I really don't like the idea of such fragile materials being used on such large areas of a phone, screen notwithstanding.

I will get the iPhone X through TMo though since the promo of a brand new phone in one year totally free is too good to pass up.