Recommendations for tablet and/or tablet keyboard for kitchen (dirty environment) usage?


Apr 22, 2007
I'm interested in a tablet primarily for watching TV/videos at home, with the capability to also use it for traveling, digital note taking, etc. if necessary. I really like watching TV while eating or even cooking, and for this I've been using the original Yoga Book. (

It's really perfect for this purpose because such an environment is not clean: there might be some food residue on the table or counter where I set it down, or once I'm eating I'm touching it with slightly oily fingers, or I even splash oil/sauce or get some crumbs on it. All these things have happened. It's perfect, though, because without a "real" keyboard neither crumbs nor fluids have anywhere to fall into, and stains/splashes can be simply wiped off. Great!

With this in mind, I'd like something more updated, with better battery life and hopefully also "Windows Hello" capability for fast login. I was eyeing a refurb MS Surface Pro 5 from ebay, but I'm concerned that it will stain. All the MS Type Covers (even without the Alcatraz upgrade) have some kind of soft fabric thing on the back, right? Seems to me that if I were to use this daily in the kitchen, it's bound to get nasty stains on that fabric material sooner or later. Is that right? I'm basing this just off how the type cover looks on video.

So, these are the things I'm looking for:
1.) Good for such a "dirty" environment as described above
2.) Windows Hello compatibility for quick login (not 100% required)
3.) good battery life
4.) preferably 10-ish inches as opposed to 12 but not a deal-breaker
5.) Cost: < $500. Happy to get refurbished/used models from a few years ago if still in good shape.
6.) Preferably Windows-based, not Android. Although I haven't thoroughly thought about this.
7.) Good specs = icing on the cake but not very important.

Any ideas for a good tablet for this? I realize nothing will be quite as impervious to crumbs, etc. as the yoga-book's design, so I'm willing to lose on that front a little in exchange for improved specs.

Alternatively, are there any 3rd party keyboards/type-covers that can connect directly/physically to the Surface Pro, so I can get one without any fabric? If it's wireless, it would use up Bluetooth, and then I can't use BT for headphones.
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