Recommendations for A replacement TV


Jan 25, 2017
Hey folks,

As My Dad gets older (He's 70 this year) he can't go places like he once could. Since he has to stay home most of the time, he watches a lot of TV. He does not have much money and he does have satellite programming but he wants to cancel it to save money. If he does that he will only have OTA channels and a few DVDs.

So I have an idea for his birthday next month. I want to get him a more modern TV. One that has a usb and or micro sd slot. Doesn't have to be new (within the last few years) and it doesn't have to be a huge display either.

You see, I have a huge collection of TV shows and movies that he can watch and I could place them on a USB drive or SD card and he would have a lot to watch for a long time.

So I need recommendations for a TV I can buy for dad that allows you to play videos from USB or SD.

Preferably also compatible with various video formats.

Thank you all
Thanks for the responses. Turns out I may not need to get him a different TV after all.

I found this set top box that should meet his needs.

Again thank you.