Recommend credit card processor?


Nov 28, 2009
I'm looking for recommendations on the most reliable credit card processor out there. Preferably in North America but world wide is fine too. anyone have any ideas? had to handle accepting real time credit card transactions from the US.
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We used Cardservice International years ago and they were fine.

this was our old and new mobile credit card machines.

Might help to know what line of business you're in, and also if you're going to swiping (or dipping i guess) cards, or e-commerce, or both? My personal experience is hella old though -- minivend with cybercash, i don't know if either of those are still alive. :)
no swipe needed. now just batch processing. so we'll accept about 200 credit card orders (purchases) per day, then at night will batch charge those days cards/purchases. I'm hoping this might help lower the transaction cost because real time processing is not needed. line of business is just a basic service provider or otherwise a subscription base web site.
Pretty sure Stripe can handle batch processing of payments.