Recommend a GPU to Support 1440p High Refresh for a Fortnite Addict?


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Oct 29, 2000
So, my stepson has expressed interest in going to high refresh gaming.

Three points.

1.) Yes, Fortnite, ugh.

2.) I don't see the point in buying a fancy 1080p monitor in 2019, so I am looking at 1440p 120+ hz

3.) Yes I know he is spoiled as all hell, but I don't have a clue what else to get him.

I'm thinking a GPU upgrade first (his birthday is late November) and a follow on high refresh screen for Xmas.

What GPU's are we buying at this performance level right now?

I am open to either AMD or Nvidia, but have primarily been looking at Nvidia since he seems to like the Nvidia overlay / replay / recording features. (Does AMD have something similar?)

To get to 1440p 120hz+ in Fortnite, it looks like the 2060 Super is probably in order. At $400 that may be a little bit over budget. Can anyone recommend any better deals or other GPU alternatives?

His current specs:
- AMD Ryzen 5 1600x (Stock clocks, can overclock if needed)
- MSI B350 Tomahawk
- Nvidia Geforce Titan (original 2013 Kepler version, he inherited my old GPU)
- 1TB Samsung 860 EVO SATA SSD

Cooling has changed (New Corsair AIO H115i received as RMA replacement and moved to top blowing out) but other than that, this is the build:

Appreciate any and all suggestions, but please keep the snark to a minimum :p
From what I’ve read Fortnite favors GeForce so green team for sure.

1070 or better with comp settings to get 120fps or better at 1440p.

1070ti/1080/2060 being a better starting point IMO.
I don’t think overclocking Ryzens even yields good results. You lose the high single clocks boost AFAIK. I can’t imagine fortnite being CPU demanding....
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It really depends on what exactly your budget is. I'm a big advocate for the 5700 flashed with the XT bios when you can get the card under $300 with a free game. It's $100 cheaper than a 2060 Super and comes within a few percentage points of an actual 5700XT for $100 cheaper.

Sub $250, I've seen 1660Ti's on EVGA B-stock for around $229 or the new 1660 Super. Under that, it's really a matter of used vs. new.
Ditch the eye candy and high FPS is possible on most anything. Point being with dialed in settings he should be able to get to 120+fps on most any mid range GPU from current or previous gen.

Gotta love Steve's charts at HUB/Techspot:

I stand by my 1070ish perf tier or better recommendation per below.

Fortnight Techspot.JPG
I vote for flashed 5700 at $279 or 2060 super.

The flashed 5700 is effectively getting you 5700xt/at a minimum 2060s performance for $120 less than a 2060 super.

Really hard to argue against it at the price it is.
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Fortnight is not a particularly demanding game. I could play at 1080p 70fps with high settings on my old GTX 960. You could max it out at 1440p with an RX 590 or 1660, and hit 120fps.