Razer Viper Mini


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Sep 17, 2004
Recently I've been looking at this Viper Mini mouse since it seems to check most of the boxes I look for in a mouse.
Has anyone here personally used it before and has an opinion of it they wouldn't mind sharing?
What I'm most concerned about are the main two mouse buttons not being too easy to accidentally click.
Years ago I used to have a Razer Diamondback, and I'd often accidentally click the left and right mouse buttons while surfing the web because just the weight of my fingers was more than enough to engage clicks very often. Anyone here have this mouse and hopefully feedback on the sensitivity of the main buttons?
Also is the button below the scroll wheel fairly easy to hit while gaming? I tend to remap this to certain abilities in FPS games instead of using it as a DPI toggle.
I have the Viper 2 Pro and Viper 8K. Both are excellent for games and work. I tried the Viper Mini, but it was too small to use comfortably. If you've got mid-to-large-sized hands, I'd recommend against the Mini.`
If you really like buttons below the scroll wheel but are worried about accidently hitting them look at the DeathAdder V2 or the DeathAdder V2 Mini. I have both. Razer recessed those buttons for that very reason.

Personally I preferred the former DeathAdder Elite layout where the buttons were not recessed. I found I could rock the lower part of my finger over them to get action. The recessed buttons now force me to move the tip of my finger over them which to me is less ergonomic. I wish they'd go back to non-recessed.

If the Viper Mini is anything like the DeathAdder V2 Mini expect it to feel like an even cheaper mouse with less satisfying clicking. It's not solely cheaper because it's smaller. The Mini easily fits in my backpack pocket so I do like it for travel. It's also rediculously light.

I also had the (original) Diamonback many moons ago. It's such a dinosaur. Yeah, mice technology has come a long way compared to that thing.
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I have two Razer Deathadder Minis they are pretty nice the thing I don't like about the Viper is buttons on both sides but good for lefty.
I picked up the Deathadders from Walmart like 3-4 years ago X-Mas special.
There's so much competition in the lightweight gaming mouse space now, but this thing is still going to have demand at $280...
ZodaEX I've been using a Viper Mini for at least a couple of years now. Love it. I've gravitated towards ambi & ultralight mice in recent years as they are comfier and more controllable/accurate to me.

Full disclosure: I had a negative opinion of Razer products prior to this. I owned an O.G. Copperhead and DeathAdder back in the day but felt as if their more recent products were lacking in quality (based on forum posts of peripherals developing problems) and I hated that their Synapse software seemed to be both required to install and also to always be online. Happy to say that this isn't the case, at least for basic operation.

The buttons and sides of my Viper Mini have become shiny with use but it's been a comfortable, reliable, lightweight mouse in my experience. It's not perfect; I wish the scroll wheel was a little better. It has a nice rubber feel and isn't "slippy" like some of the plastic Logitech wheels that I've used, but it can on occasion do that thing where you get an occasional extra scroll up or scroll down if the wheel doesn't land firmly in the detents. Not a dealbreaker because other mice are guilty of this, too, and some moreso. The button below the scroll wheel isn't an issue for my hand(s). It's easily accessible, but I have never accidentally pressed it.

I switched from a Glorious Model O- and could happily go back to that mouse for a similar feel, but I ended up taking a gamble on the Razer and have just stuck with it. For now, anyway.