Razer. More than just mice and peripherals


Oct 31, 2002
I know this is a "Mice & Keyboard" forum. For those of you who remember or know of the Razer company founder "Robert Krakoff". He's released a few novels. He was a very big part of the community and still keeps semi-active. Robert is the President of Razer USA and Co-founder. As a long time friend of mine and great individual. I'm taking the time to let you all know about his Books. In paticular the latest" America Unplugged".

It's a fictional novel that's different than your usual fictional read. I'm not one that gets interested in reading books particularly as I don't have the attention span. Unless it's something that won't bore me to death. America Unplugged is one of those books that's worth the time of day. It's a twist of politics and fiction from Robert's (Razerguy) view. Those of you know know him I'm sure acknowledge the creativity that's been spent behind Razer all these years. From the ground up mind you. That creativity is in this book, times ten. So, if you enjoy laying back, reading something once in a while. This is that book that'll have you reeled in awaiting to read the next chapter.

Here's the reviews on Amazon and a link to the book via Kindle.


Hope you folks enjoy it just as much as I did! It's inexpensive and worth every cent. I have some short stories I'd like to add to the thread if the Mods okay it ?

- ReT
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