Radeon Vega 56 + GeForce 760Ti


Mar 19, 2004
I recently ordered all the parts to upgrade my PC. Not a top of the line build, but a pretty solid rig for the money I have.

Ryzen 2600
MSI B450
16gigs GSkill
Radeon Vega 56 Strix OC Edition

What I am wondering is about PhysX. I read that AMD and NVidia have allowed the 2 different cards to work together now but I'm wondering if there is any value to popping in my old 760Ti to use for PhysX.
Anyone run a config like this?
With some hacking. Nvidia shuts off physx when an amd card is detected
From what I read Nvidia removed the lockout when a Radeon is detected. I hope it's true
I tried using a 1050 ti as a Physx Processor for Borderlands 2 with my RX 580. Didn't work.
Well you have the card there is no point on letting it sit and get dust, PhysX is not worth, but if you do something video-intensive you might as well just stick it in there, or play with VMS if you don't do any of those things just sell the card or use it for display

Nvidia PhysX GPU's exclusive method is dead. They open-sourced it to maybe get a 1% chance of some indie devs to use it :)

The CPU version of PhysX is a different story (still being widely used) but for that you don't need a special card or anything, it just runs on the CPU.