Radeon 7 Will Have Day One Linux Support

I've been playing Overwatch for like over 6mo now via DXVK and Lutris, and seriously, the fear that it's going to magically break is unfounded. I have so many games running (native or otherwise) my current problem is deciding _which_ games I am in the mood to play, not whether they are broken or not. Because seriously, they really don't break.

If you want to game in Linux, do it, but don't fool yourself, you're gaming in Windows.

Oh I know all about DXVK, Wine, Proton, Etc. My issue with those is that when they work, they work spectacularly, and when they don't work it's a total fucking mess. I actually prefer using Linux as my daily driver for basic tasks like word processing and browsing and whatnot. With SR-IOV I'd be able to just boot linux, and whenever I wanna game just spin up a Windows VM and play without having to dick with hit or miss translation layers, all while getting near-native performance. Plus it'd give me a solid excuse to buy another 16gb of RAM.