Racing Schedule

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Supreme [H]ardness
Jun 16, 2008
Since I think people would be more inclined to join with proper notice... I would like to start getting a schedule going by routine. Example would be a certain game on a certain day and would not change, mainly to bring in regulars. I will be playing Dirt 3 Monday if anyone cares to join.

This is what I need from you guys. What racing games do you like to play and what days you will be available to play them. After that, we can go from there.
A few years back I would race online with a league several nights a week. Right now beginning of the week would be best. If you do decide on a game to play if more people become interested, I will grab the popular choice. No Dirt 3 yet, I have the first two.
You could make a new thread and call it Play date or something and put what its on (PC/xbx/ps3) and what game. I can stick it up and stuff if you want.
I know GTR is a favorite on the forums and we had race night meets in the past. I would like this to be more dedicated to all racing all week. IE: GTR Monday, Trackmania Tuesday, Dirt 3 Wednesday, etc... Would like to get more people in on this.
Will be shutting down this thread to replace it in the gaming forum. Need more people and when I get the schedule, I will post it on the community forums.
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