Quirky Brand New Razer Naga Pros


Supreme [H]ardness
Aug 24, 2007
Has anyone recently picked up a Razer Naga Pro and ended up having issues with it? I had really bad luck with this particular Razer mouse. First one I got only worked when wired to the PC, battery seemingly never worked. Second one I got worked great initially, but just died on me this morning. In the process now of returning both to Amazon. Maybe a bad batch recently came out of the factory?

I like the feature set for the Naga Pro and being able to switch between my work laptop / personal computer for WFH simplicity. Going to be picking up a SteelSeries Aerox 5 wireless mouse in the Naga Pro's place as that's the most similar mouse I can find to allow for the dual system setup I have going. The Razer products have otherwise been solid performers for me, oh well might as well try something new.