Question on Ripping BR movies to ISO


Limp Gawd
Mar 29, 2007
Since I have my home server setup with future HDDs in mind to increase the size I now want to start converting my BR movies to ISO format for use on the other systems in my place.

This will allow me to store the physical discs someplace safe and free up room as I am currently using 3 bookshelves for movies.

Understand these ISO's will not be leaving the server or be copied to any systems I do not personally own. This is simply to make it easier when I want to watch a movie without having to go through all the discs themselves and to reduce the risk of scratches to the discs (I have had several DVD's ruined from DVD readers crapping out or be bumped).

Thanks in advance!
You mean to tell me no one here does this? I know I've seen some guys mention they do it on with their home servers here ;(
You never asked a question lol. This topic is discussed heavily in the Home Theater subforum check it out there.