Qualcomm Says Apple Breached Contract on Phone-Chip Software


[H]F Junkie
Apr 25, 2001
Qualcomm has filed a lawsuit against Apple for allegedly failing to abide by the terms of a software license and giving Intel access to that code. This one should be pretty good because Apple says Qualcomm is 'unfairly' charging too much and Qualcomm says Apple lied to regulators in an attempt to bully them into charging less. I expect this one to last as long as all of the other lawsuits against Apple.

The chipmaker filed the lawsuit against Apple on Wednesday in California state court in San Diego, adding yet another front to their bitter legal battle. Apple is being sued for breach of a contract that governs the use of software needed to make chips work with other parts of mobile phones and communicate with networks.
Steal, Lie, Cheat, and profit. Every corporate model.
All these lawsuits will come back to hurt apple. You can't really piss off all of the tech world and not have it bite you in the ass
Qualcomm - purveyors of the biggest scam ever on the US Telecom industry. From day 1 they overpromised on what CDMA could do, until carries committed and it was too late. If ever a company needed to go away...

So let's see here, the root issue is that Apple is not going to use Qualcomm chips going forward. And that AN email was sent requesting information that included an Intel engineer - because no one ever included the wrong person on an email EVER.