#QuakeCon2018 Keynote with DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal


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May 18, 1997
This year's QuakeCon 2018 Keynote starts at 11am CDT. Until then you can unmute the stream below and fully enjoy the Bethesda soundtracks. If you enjoyed the DOOM soundtrack, I highly suggest giving DOOM: Behind the Music a watch. It is an hour of Mick Gordon talking about everything that went into building the soundtrack. Highly informative and entertaining. This news post also marks the first time that my wife has ever contributed actual content to HardOCP. She just texted me to let me know this event was happening. Thanks Suzi!

Live Stream.

Rage 2 starts here:

DOOM Eternal starts here:

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Free stuff if you link your Twitch to your Bethesda and Elder Scrolls Online account and then watch the livestream!

They want to thank the volunteers.... A fully corporate promotional event that was robbed from the community and still does not pay folks for all the work they do. Hip hip hooray!
Guess it's time to start up QuakeMeet then. :D It'll be underground. There will be maps, checkpoints, and shuttles. (all to keep Zenimax out) Maybe John Carmack can help sponsor it :p
Quake Champions free to play forever. That Fortnight business model is taking hold. :)
Umm... Did that Quake figure they just showed have two big penises sticking out of its armor?
"We are not just building a DOOM game anymore, we are building a DOOM universe."
"Now that is a big door!"


Sorry, I don't usually comment on things as I'm watching them. :D
A bunch of official screenshots from Bethesda.

DOOM_Eternal_BFG_10000_1533718906.jpg DOOM_Eternal_Crucible_Blade_1533718910.jpg DOOM_Eternal_Destructible_Demons_1533718913.jpg DOOM_Eternal_Element_of_Pain_1533718915.jpg DOOM_Eternal_Emergency_Alert_1533718917.jpg DOOM_Eternal_Fire_Baron_1533718919.jpg DOOM_Eternal_Its_Hot_in_Here_1533718922.jpg DOOM_Eternal_Sentinel_Prime_1533718926.jpg DOOM_Eternal_Slayer_Helmet_1533718928.jpg DOOM_Eternal_Urban_Assault_1533718929.jpg
Looking great... I will likely pre-order this one as well (once the CE is available).
I can't believe there are people complaining on Youtube that this is more of the same. WTF? The majority of fans wanted more of DOOM, not for ID to reinvent the entire game. And this is exactly what they deliver: More awesome DOOM action, but bigger, better, smoother and even more amazing looking. I'm more hyped now than ever!
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Doom is Doom. Why would you want Doom that plays like another game?

We certainly do not want anything other than Doom. However, I would take another game like Doom 3 at some point. I absolutely love that game. I love Doom 2016 as well. Eternal looks incredible. Guaranteed sale to me, and several people I know.
Showed a lot more doom than I thought they would. I'm still surprised after all that to not have a release date announcement, but I still am guessing were probably less than 1 year away. Spring of next year is my bet.
Has Tim Willits been given the boot? He used to be the guy they would trot out for anything involving the original Rage game.
I love what they have done with the revival of DooM. Just in your face action, with simple run and gun gameplay. In my opinion more is better here.

Just wishing that Duke Nukem could get the same kind of love and treatment.