Quadro T600 and Dell S2721DGF monitor screen flashing off/on


Oct 14, 2004
Tried Googling the issue but cannot find anything specific to my setup. I'm running 2 machines connecting to a Dell gaming monitor (S2721DGF), gaming machine (RTX 3080) and a Dell T430 server using a Quadro RTX T600 GPU.

With the Dell monitor connected to the Dell and T600 GPU, at random times like simply getting up from my desk or with a slight static discharge anywhere near the monitor, the screen blanks out momentarily. I have tried setting refresh rate of the monitor to both 120Hz and 60Hz, despite the monitor being able to support up to 165Hz. The T600 GPU supports up to 120Hz, and I've tried both 60 and 120Hz and the issue persists.

I have also tried every brand of Displayport cables under the sun including the cable that came with the Dell monitor, a KabelDirekt 6ft 8k cord, and a Cable Matters Displayport cable...all display port 1.4 capable cords.

Connected to a 1920x1080 monitor at 60Hz, no screen flickering or blanking. Also, the monitor works fine connected to the RTX 3080 at the full 165Hz refresh rate.

Am I just pushing the limits of the Quadro T600 @ 2560x1440p @ 60Hz? Appreciate anyone's input with similar experiences. Cheers!