Q9650 vid 1.30 Oced 3.8G DDR3 1333 long term statistics

Thanks people for the support that you are demonstrating!

To summarize, they are Z97 boards which include PCI slots and they operate with specific controller.
Z97 with PCI and use of DDR3 they are much more fewer.

I have currently DDR3 1333 Gskill 2x4GB (8GB in use) and a pair of XMP1600 Kingston 2x2GB (4GB) that I can not use, because of missing RAM slots, P5QC can use only two, or else I would had 12GB and I would be more than happy.

Z170 the newer chip this include DDR3 and DDR4 internal memory controllers, ASUS for example it might think to make a board by using the DDR3 controller, and they did.
Unfortunately build quality of the power circuitry: number of Mosfet in use, heatsink size, board behaviour under overclocking, this is a huge FAIL.
Its like someone decided Z97 and especially Z170 to be chips serving very basic computing, by the use of not overclocked CPU.
While these chips support piles of PCIe lanes and super speeds, they do not add on them even 8 SATA Ports by default.

I am running: Raid-1 (2 ports taken), Game storage SSD (1Port taken), two more HDD for file storage and operating system backup (By Ghost) = Five SATA ports taken.
I have also DVD-RW and DVD-ROM, both at IDE PATA.
In the name of system modernizing, I might be forced to buy an NEW SATA DVD-RW.
Either way, at my current configuration, any of those a few Z97 which can replace the P5QC, will end up with all their six SATA occupied.

Why I care that much of DVD-ROM drive? I have buy all my software in retail boxes, so I to be able to reload everything off-line, because I do not trust anymore this bad joke, of on-line buying software.
We the ones attached to Microsoft for decades, we developed bad habits, we do not steal software.


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They do make PCIe RAID cards that have IDE slots... or at least they used too, I know I have one no longer in use sitting around.

They also make PCIe to PCI cards too... FYI...
I have one branded solution here that it might work, if the driver 64bit of 2007, this gets enough love from Win7 Pro.
I will discover the truth after the arrival of the (new used) Z95 board at the near future, because I am not financially prepared for such an pack of upgrades.
For now I do market research and planing.


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I still use an old Dell Inspiron 530 occasionally for mining. It's got a tape modded Q6600 2.4 -> 3.2GHz with 8GB of RAM