Jan 16, 2003
Inspired by the Q Cars / Sleeper vehicles where a tame exterior belies a very sorted interior; that feeling when you open up a vintage muscle car and see a spotless engine bay I'm going to document the build / mod of my new main rig, I decided on an upgrade for VR, haven't had a custom loop in 10 years and had some time on my hands so what the heck.

Obligatory pile of boxes


  • Case: Enthoo Evolv ATX
  • Mobo: Asus Maximus IX Apex
  • GPU: EVGA 1080Ti Founders Edition
  • CPU: 7700k (Already at 5.1ghz with a Corsair H110)
  • SSD1: Samsung 960 Evo 1TB
  • SSD2: Samsung 960 Evo 1TB
  • PSU: Seasonic Platinum 1000
  • Dual 360 Radiator
  • Be Quiet Silent Wings 3 High Speed Fans
  • 12mm Acrylic Tubing
  • Bitspower / Barrow Fittings
Singularity Computers
  • Core Single Radiator Mount
  • Protium Reservoir
  • Protium D5 Frosted Pump Top
  • Protium D5 Pump Cover
  • Cuplex PVD Vision Waterblock
  • Kyrographics Pascal GPU Waterblock
  • Kyrographics Backplate
  • D5 Aquabus Pump
  • Aquaero 6 LT Controller
Custom Cables
  • MDPC-X Platinum Grey / Carbon BTI

The Singularity stuff is going to be colour matched to the PVD Waterblock, I'm also going to investigate whether I can get a colour change to 'stick' with the GPU block. I'm not convinced as the nickel is very highly polished and I obviously don't want to take it the plate off but we'll give it a whirl and I'll keep the acetone handy.

Not sure on the second radiator yet, I hope it's something better than the EK 360SE I must use on the top (space) but I'm not sure how many mm I've got spare to fit a better one on the front.

Just to preempt a couple of possible questions
SSD's would be a Intel 600P if I could but they're green. Happy with NVMe main drive because of small file performance for builds (fuck AV kills it though). Want it black. doesn't leave with many choices, don't care over $100 AUD.

The fans were probably a mistake, I live in Australia atm though and it's really hard to find some stuff.

Haven't chosen fittings yet owed to availability but I also want to get some stuff in and work out how I'm going to do it.

I may change the PSU, the weird pin-out on the ATX for seasonic might make it impossible for a flawless cable, still researching this.
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with that case its not a sleeper...
its old but this is a sleeper! https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/89390-sleeper-rig/

It's a classic. Sleeper isn't really the right name it's fair but I was struggling for a name on how to downplay the computer. Unfortunately my wife does get some input and I use my study for meetings with clients and employees so I can't go quite as far as I'd like with it. I was going for something that with a bit of work could fade into the background, rather than have a disco inside that begs questions. The PC I had in 2000 when I had a Via processor and a TNT 2 ultra would have been sweet, though god knows how I'd get a dual radiator in it.

What I've been trying to do is to try and work it backwards a bit. So get rid of the glitz but still have flawless interior etc. I did toy with the idea of bringing it back to the frame and to get a basic stamped metal exterior on it, problem is that I'd have to get it done elsewhere as I'm set up for woodwork not metalwork and if I'm honest I'm a bit embarrassed to talk to the machine shop guys.

My first attempt to just get rid of the window easily didn't go so well.


Damn latches don't line up, at all.


At the moment I've deprioritized the exterior and am to get all the interior work done at the moment, having all sorts of fun finding the right shades of colours and a good looking WC layout.