Supreme [H]ardness
Jun 16, 2008
I am hoping that this thread will serve as the starting point for the community. If anyone has an answer please quote and respond. If there is no response I will PM one of the mods for clarification.

1. Will the community essentially be a clan?

2. Will their be a hierarchy of leadership to maintain stability?

3. Will their be official servers and will their be a way to donate to keep the servers running?
1: Not really a clan but more of a gaming community.

2: This will be talked in detailed on tomorrow meeting. But as far as I know yes.

3: Yes.
Regarding donations - depending on the game and its administrative controls, offering a certain perk to players who donate (i.e. $5/month). People by nature who give something would want something in return.

Just as an example: In TF2 on a server I play on, people who donate get a custom hat, end of game immunity, can't get voted off, and don't get autobalanced.

I'm not familiar with most other games but this is just something to think about.