PUBG Esports Pro Banned for Cheating


Fully [H]
Apr 10, 2003
Dakota "Exko" MacLeod is a professional PUBG Esports personality that has been banned for cheating. The ban starts December 7, 2018 and lasts for a full calendar year. He admitted to being banned for the use of unauthorized programs on two other accounts when questioned during investigations by the PUBG Esports team. There was no evidence that he cheated at the 2018 PGI Qualifiers or during the 2018 PGI LAN events in Burbank and Berlin. He fully cooperated with investigators.

In the future, players found to have been banned due to the use of cheating programs will be banned from competitive play for a minimum of one year to a maximum of a lifetime starting on the date of completion of an official league investigation. Complete guidelines for a global penitality system will be released at a later date.
This has always been a problem, having spent most of my life playing at semi pro or pro levels it's sadly more common than is advertised. It's one of the advantages games that use server side authoritative topology have unfortunately also induces latency. but it's why you do not see it in games like League and Dota, etc, it's also why they are less "responsive" feeling than your average shooter.
Well PUBG Corp. permbanned my main account(yes. not me.) and the only infringement i made against the eula was modifying mouse sensitivities through config file.
Was it that kind of cheating that this fella in the article did? ^^