PS3 wireless connection problems

Aug 25, 2006
I bought a 40 gig yesterday and it will not connect. I have wep turned off and DHCP on. My Wii and DS Lite's connect just fine, and my 360 connects just fine on a wired connection. I hooked up the ethernet cable that goes to my 360 to my PS3 and it connected no problems. So I wrote down all the connection details and tried inputing them on the wireless manual setup and no luck. I keep getting a DNS error.

the router is a 2wire dsl modem/g router combo.
Sep 2, 2007
Try with the quick setup rather than the manual setup. I have a 60 GB version connected wirelessly along with the Wii, and they work fine. I'm using a DIR-625 N D-Link router and its delicious. If your WEP is off, is there still a key that is enabled? I remember once that I changed the password (and therefore also the key) and had to update the PS3 wireless settings as well since I tested to see how it'd react to the password, and it resulted in DNS error as well since your internet is not at fault if both the Wii and DS connect fine (mine as well).

Even so, for your internet protection, I'd recommend you set up some sort of WEP or even better, a WPA2 encryption so people aren't stealing your wireless connection and leeching off it.


May 3, 2005
It was the biggest pain in the ass to get my PS3 to hook up to the wifi.

What I ended up having to do, was reconfigure my wifi without a password or anything and download the newest system update. Then I did it back with a password after the update and added the password on the PS3. It finally worked but it does log me out of the PSN a lot. Not sure if thats a similar issue or not.