Proposed Workstation - any thoughts? (only if you have a moment)


Mar 4, 2017

Hello all,

First of all, what an interesting forum full of very knowledgeable fellows :)

After about 5 years using a 2500K i5, 16GB RAM and a GTX 560 Ti, it's starting to show it's age and so I thought I'd upgrade. As a self-employed bod', it'll be tax deductible so replacing it will be a good investment.

So far I have my heart set on:

CPU: E5-1650V4
MOBO: Asus X99-E WS
RAM: 32GB 2400MHz (ECC, 4 x 8GB)
Graphics: GTX 1070

Any thoughts on this? My main programmes are:
  1. AutoCAD (2D/3D use)
  2. Sketchup (possibly 3DMax one day)
  3. CPU based rendering application (possibly CPU and GPU based rendering application in future)
  4. May be video editing if I could just be bothered.
  5. Normal things, web, FTP, Photoshoppery
I deliberated for a good while about ECC memory, and decided to go with it - so that is the only decision that's fixed.

Initially I was very keen on modestly priced SuperMicro boards, but they had some odd quirks.

I was quite interested in a Quadro P4000, but my brain just won't permit it - any comments are welcome. I was very tempted to buy both and simply send back the least performing card, but I'm not sure I have the time or the inclination.

Going the Xeon route may be overkill, but as reliable as an i7 will be, I still want a system that'll run during the day with mostly single threaded apps and rendering at night (scheduled). I also want as little chance of downtime as financially possible, because if my computer goes pop, I'm letting people down which will effect my income (and I like food!).

Thanks in advance, and if you know waaaaaay more than me, please be nice :)
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My recommendation would be to wait until the release of both skylake X and the upcoming naples chips from Intel/AMD respectively. They are likely to offer a lot more in terms of platform capabilities and core count.
Thank you Nathan, very kind of you to comment and mention about the up and coming new chips. I wonder when they'll be available, any ideas?
Thanks again Nathan, very much appreciated. Sadly I don't think I can wait until then for the skylake x as I need to buy it within the next month to get the expenses in for this year. Always goes this way it seems!
Just wanted to update this thread, I've bought all the parts and have been testing. It's very good indeed, more than welcome to answer any questions if curious.