Project: Unholy/Aidoneus

sweet bondo work! very smooth and even looking - I soon will be finishing my front intake which I hope will look as nicley finished as yours.
wow amazing job can't wait to see more pics and finished results
What happened to this project? I've been really excited to see what happens, and it's been about three weeks! Do you have mountains of school work or something? Because then I can relate and sympathize :( But let's see some moar :cool: skull modding action!!
nah, hes just been busy with work and stuff. But hell have some pics up very soon, he has progress, just hasny been able to post any pics yet.
Sorry for the delay guys. I do have some updates I will be posting very soon. I have been very busy with work and the website I work for doing reviews and stuff. But hang tight I will be posting quite a bit in the coming weeks. I am really glad you guys like the work I have done so far.
Hooray! More updates for this mod! I've been waiting with much anticipation to what how this turns out!
I have my fingers crossed that my side panel shows up today. It was shipped on Wednesday by Chris from Custom Water Cuts.
I have recieved the side panel and I have done a bit of work on the case and the side panel. Pics are coming in the next day or two. And my pics are finally working again. I guess I went over my bandwidth last month.