Project PacMayhem!


May 10, 2002
Hey guys, I have been working on restoring an original Pac Man upright arcade cabinet for nearly three years now, and I have FINALLY finished it.

The project log and complete photo gallery can be found here:

It has been such a labor of love! I have learned a ton along the way and learned that everyone should definitely have a standup arcade in their house ;)

Hope everyone enjoys looking at the project as much as I did making it!

I realy must say that you did one hell of a job on it. I have always thought about making somthing like that for a long time. :)
^^ Yea, unfortunately I am being forced out of my current residence and I can't take it with me :(
That is trully a work of art, my friend.

"Shame that the Pac Man innards are gone, but this is the next best thing" says the historian in me.

"Sweet - it can play any other game too" says the game player in me! Although "any" may be slightly creative when it comes to some of the modern games "supported" by Mame for an AthlonXP.

I almost did a similar project. I bought a dead Jamma cabinet from my local student's union. Unfortunately, I was drunk at the time, so:
a) I forgot that I bought it and
b) I didn't have enough room to put it anywhere. :D
But I can tell you that it wouldn't have looked anywhere near as beautiful as this cab.

I hope to get a cabinet at some point (just wish I'd done it years ago and slept in it or something) as the prices are going up :(
I had originally planned to use the original hardware and mount the PC inside, but it came with Super Mario hardware and after days of trying to clean the various parts it became apparent that nothing was really salvageable.

If I ever get the room again, I will do another cabinet that will blow this away :)
thats awesome.....

i need to build one of those when i move to a house, seems like it would be fun!
Wow that is so much hard work. Props on the finished product. Are you sharing the tweaked out XP you made?
yikes, i think you found a hobby to make money off of.
keep that version of XP to yourself...
This is definitely not a money making hobby.

The tweaked version of XP I am running is using an Atari boot logo, autologin via powertoys xp, and a multi frontend. Really not a whole lot to it, but id be glad to do a writeup of the software config if yall are interested :)
Auto log on (as mentioned).
Have a Mame-y background.
Hide the Taskbar.
And just start Mame32 in your Startup group. (It has options for controlling the gui via joystick or whatever.)
Well there is definitely a lot more to it than that.

Mame32 is ugly as hell, not to mention you cant control it with a joystick. This uses a 3rd party frontend that is nice to look at, not to mention useable. Other than the Atari themed boot screen, you would never know this was running windows until you exit the frontend